Tellus Group and EU Funded Educational Programmes

We have a reputation for delivering quality European Funded Programmes i.e. (EU Socrates / Erasmus 2000-2006 and EU Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013).

For a list of partners we have worked with in your country please contact us. They will be happy to give you a reference.


Erasmus Plus is the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. It combines seven programmes from the 2007-2013 periods, namely Lifelong learning programmes (LLP), the Youth in action programme and five international cooperation programmes.

The Erasmus+ programme will run from 2014-2020 and supports activities in education, training, youth and sport across all sectors of lifelong learning including Higher Education, Further Education, adult education, schools and youth activities.

Erasmus+ aims to boost skills and employability as well as modernise education, training, and youth work across Europe. It has a budget of approximately 14.7 billion euros across Europe and will, over the next seven years, provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad. It will also support transnational partnerships between education, training and youth organisations, as well as support grassroots sport projects.

Funding opportunities

There are a number of different education, training, youth and sport funding opportunities available for different organisation under Erasmus + :

  • Key Action 1
  • Key Action 2
  • Key Action 3
  • Jean Monet
  • Sport

Within Key Action 1 Tellus Group acts as a Vocational, Educational and Training (VET) provider and is an active partner in different European Commission funded programmes including Erasmus Plus and the European Social Fund. We have also written and managed several projects as a sending organisation under the Life Long Learning scheme (2007 – 2013).

Tellus is registered as a UK Learning Provider (UKPRN10010504) and has successfully been providing training and work placements in a wide variety of sectors since 2002 with the aim of:

  • Developing a greater understanding of the use of the host countries language in a business environment.
  • Increasing the understanding of the commercial and industrial culture in the host country.
  • Providing the participants an improved Curriculum Vitae to further their future employment, prospects and opportunities.


Each country has its own National Agency to apply for Erasmus+ funding.

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