Cultural Tour of France

As well as the work experience programmes and language training, we also offer a range of cultural tours designed to meet the requirements of those studying for careers that will involve cross-cultural collaboration. This service is aimed at organisations that would like to organise cultural discovery tours that complement the academic and/or vocational training of applicants. We believe that every group deserves to have the best tour possible and therefore prefer to offer a tailor-made tour service to our clients so that they get the exact tour they require.

Programme Details

Programme Start: Any Monday (or as agreed between participants and Tellus)
Minimum Group Booking Size:10 (unless agreed otherwise)
French Level:Intermediate and above preferred
Age Requirement:16 and above (unless agreed otherwise)
Eligibility:All nationalities
Length of Programme:Dependent upon programme design
Overview:This service is aimed at working with you to design, develop, manage and evaluate a programme of cultural discovery tours that are an integral part of an individual academic or vocational studies while also a complement to training.
Tellus will work with you to develop a programme of visits and events that meet your specific requirements in terms of

Please Contact us with a description of your programme and we will provide you with a quotation.

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