Accommodation in France

All our accommodation is carefully chosen and monitored to ensure high standards are maintained so you will be comfortable and happy. We keep in close touch with all our accommodation providers and students and deal with any problems as soon as they arise (although, as our families are so nice, there are very few).

The accommodation is selected before you arrive. If you book a programme at short notice, the accommodation officers will naturally do their best to find the accommodation type you require, but we would advise you to book accommodation at least eight weeks before the date of your arrival to guarantee the type you require.

Host Families

Available upon request.

Carefully selected so that you really feel at home. Most of our hosts live in a suburb in zones 3 and 4, close to the railway stations leading to Paris. The average journey to work time is 45 minutes to one hour.

Living with the host family you can practise your French in everyday life. The only condition is that you respect the house rules and habits. Half-board accommodation in the most popular type of stay in French host families (which includes breakfast and hot dinners on weekdays and breakfast at the weekends), but we can also arrange a full board accommodation if you require

House Share

This is the most popular way of living in the Parisian region, especially among young adults. You share a flat with French or foreign students and workers; you have a room of your own, but you share the kitchen, bathroom, house duties and enjoy convivial moments with your flat mates.

Parisian International Stays Centre

This is for people wishing to live in downtown Paris . The centre provides short term accommodation in bedrooms from two to four persons. CISP is situated in the south of Paris, very close to the underground lines 7 and 8. The centre offers B&B, full-board and half-board accommodation in an international atmosphere.

Half-board and full-board accommodation are available for bookings of 10 persons and more. Places in the CISP need to be booked very early in advance.

Hotel in Créteil

Two star hotel with friendly staff. The accommodation is situated in a southern suburb of Paris, 10 minutes walk from the underground station. The hotel is close to the lake and big commercial centre Créteil Soleil.
We can arrange half-board or full board accommodation with partners of this hotel.

Please ask for tailored quotes.

Price list being updated: For individual prices or a detailed quotation please contact us.

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